Author: Autumn
•4/23/2008 07:43:00 PM
Have you ever tried a food and been unable to decide with one bite whether or not you liked it? You took another bite and still couldn't tell, so you took another and so on and so on. Sometimes you can finish eating it and still not be sure you liked it. You've ruled out that you hate it, but do you actually enjoy it?

Well, that is me and the TV show The Office. I've heard all the buzz, but I never really felt compelled to watch it myself. I try to avoid watching new shows because if I do like them then that is just one more show I have to find time to watch.

But then a week or two ago, I noticed that my public library had the first two seasons on DVD. So I figured it couldn't hurt to check it out. It was free, which is often a good incentive.

So I started watching an episode or two each night after work, and I really couldn't say if I liked it. It's possible I really hated it, but I kept watching anyway. By the second to last episode of the second season, I still hadn't formed an opinion.

I like aspects of it; I don't like others. I'm a fan of Steve Carell, but the character of Michael Scott is SO annoying that I have a hard time watching him. I guess his acting is too good for me.

However, I think what really kept me watching was the Jim and Pam storyline. What can I say, I have a romantic side deep down. And with the extreme cliffhanger ending of the final episode of the second season, which I won't spoil for anyone who might have not seen it ... I think I'm hooked. I am going crazy waiting until I can get my hands on the third season.

I don't hate The Office. I don't love The Office. But I am watching The Office.
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Author: Autumn
•4/02/2008 04:46:00 PM
Want to learn something I bet very few people know about me?

I breed alpacas. That's right. Autumn Hill Alpacas, check it out folks. This is not a joke. Although, technically I am not associated with this company in any way shape or form, name aside.

As the word Google evolved into a verb, I joined the ranks of the curious and used the search engine to "Google" myself. However, I am a very difficult person to Google.

I've always been told my name makes me sound like an apartment complex or housing development, and I've never disputed that. It's very true, but I love my name so I don't care. But apparently, I am not the only person who thinks Autumn and Hill go well together.

When I Google "Autumn Hill" I get a whole list of companies. It turns out I am quite the entrepreneur and I never knew it. Along with my alpaca farm, I own my very own vineyard, landscaping company, nursery, graphic design firm and equestrian center. That is not including the other animals I breed (like llamas) and various farms I own. At one point I had a nursing home as well, but when I checked today it was no longer listed. Sorry to all the octogenarians out there.

While I love the fact that my name is associated with something as random as alpacas, it is interesting to think that proving my existence on the World Wide Web takes a lot of work. If you add BYU-Idaho after my name, you can find a couple of hits with old Scroll articles I've written, but that's it.

So while you may never get anything on me from the Internet, please do think of me for any and all of your alpaca-related needs.
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