Author: Autumn
•8/01/2010 03:59:00 PM
Well we did it everyone. July is officially over, which means sweets are back in. Woot!

Christina celebrated at midnight with a delicious-sounding dessert I have never heard of. She describes it here. She did great this month; I know of several instances where she resisted some very strong temptations. I am very proud of her and glad she joined me. I am sure she will talk about her experience on her blog soon.

I know Chelsea did great too. Other than her birthday (and no one expected her to withhold then), she stayed firm all month. Here is her statement:
The month of July, no desserts – I must say it was a bit difficult in the beginning, but as all things, once you start to get the hang of it, you start to do a bit better – I’m actually thinking I’m going to try to continue this into August, I don’t want to go crazy now that July is over, so I’m going to slowly bring myself back to desserts.
Congratulations ladies! You can happily return to the land of chocolate and candy. Thank you so much for doing this with me.

As for me, I did great (If I do say so myself). However, am not letting dessert back in the door just yet. I will tell you why on my next post, I promise. Welcome to August.
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