Author: Autumn
•6/18/2010 01:50:00 PM
Well, a $ to be specific. I made my first bet ever this sports season, and apparently the Lakers won last night, which means I won ... $1. Woot!

I am not what you would call a sports enthusiast. I enjoy attending games live occasionally with friends or family. I do understand how all the major sports are played and scored, enough to follow along without feeling like an idiot at least. And I have name recognition for a lot of major teams. But that's where it stops. I don't care enough to follow any specific teams or pay attention to any championships.

Several months ago I was talking to a big sports fan I work with at Job #2. He had a couple of real bets going with some of our other co-workers that the Lakers would not win ... something. The championship I guess; I didn't really pay attention. Anyway, just to be contrary I told him I would bet him $0.20 that they would win. I figured why not.

He took my bet and we ended up settling on $0.25. A couple of weeks later I asked him if they'd won yet. He said it would be awhile because they weren't even in the championships (or whatever) yet, so it would be awhile. He was so confident they would lose that he offered me 4:1 odds. So if the Lakers won he owed me a $1, and if they lost I owed him $0.25. Score.

So pretty much every time I saw him after that I asked him if they'd won yet, because I truly didn't know. He just kept laughing at me and telling me not yet. But my dad told me this morning that they won the big ... thing. So it was my first sports bet, and I won! I am going to see this guy tonight, and he had better pay up because I took this as a serious bet. I would have coughed up my $0.25 if they lost.
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