Author: Autumn
•3/25/2009 09:25:00 AM
Today I feel the need to admit to an opinion I fear will be unpopular. It centers around the Smart car, which started in Europe and is inching its way into the U.S. as well.

Omaha actually has a Smart car dealership, which is just a few test models and then you have to order yours. My parents like them so much they discussed eventually getting twin Smart cars for themselves.

Now for the most part, I do understand the benefits of these tiny cars, but I will here and now admit that I could never ever get one for myself. Why do you ask?

I find them so creepy. Just something about that tiny little body kinda sorta really wigs me out. Ugh, shivers. But there, my shameful secret is out in the open. Boycott my blog if you must, unfriend me on Facebook, but I just had to tell the truth.
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Author: Autumn
•3/23/2009 10:27:00 PM
I was up late last night watching a Netflix movie so I could get it out in the mail today. The movie was Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a Dancer, which is a documentary on his life and incredible career.

In one part they were talking about Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, both of whom I love, and how their styles of dance were so different. The way Gene Kelly himself put it was "Fred Astaire represented the aristocracy, I represented the proletariat." Fred was more graceful and light, Gene was more down and dirty and real.

Jeanine Basinger, an authority on dance/film, said the greatest thing:

"You give you heart to Fred Astaire, but you save your body for Gene Kelly."

Granted I was hearing this at 1 a.m., but I just LOVED it, and wanted to share it.
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Author: Autumn
•3/06/2009 10:15:00 PM
I have two things to confess today.

I have been sick on and off all this past week. It's this lovely cycle where I have all these different cold symptoms, but never at the same time. I start with a sore throat and a cough in the morning, then nothing all day, then I round it out at night with the cough's return and my voice's exit.

And my first confession is that I have always had a strange fascination with my voice when it's raspy. I love it. As long as there's no pain involved, I will try to prolong it in all its raspiness. I don't know why that is, probably just because it is something different from my normal, somewhat high-pitched voice.

The second confession is more embarrassing.

I don't watch much reality TV, but my family does. And oftentimes when I am living at home with them, I let myself get sucked in. With shows like Amazing Race, it's fine; that's a pretty good show. I'd never take the time to watch it if I were living alone, but I still like it.

Other shows I feel more ashamed of. Specifically, The Bachelor / Bachelorette. It's really an annoying show that pits catty girls against one another and in a best-case scenario ends with 2 happy people and 24 upset ones. But it's like a train wreck you find it hard to look away from.

Shortly after I moved home the latest Bachelor season started and I watched it with my mom. It just ended (in a pretty crazy way) and I swore I'd never watch that show again. But, there was one girl on the show who I really liked from the beginning. She made it close to the end, and I was really rooting for her. I just found out today she is going to be the next Bachelorette. My first thoughts: Ah, dammit. If I am living at home still, I know I am going to let myself get sucked in again. Stupid TV show!
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