Author: Autumn
•9/22/2008 09:39:00 PM
Cell phones: a fine example of technology that changes our lives in both great and terrible ways. I fought the trend until my sophomore year of college; then I finally broke down and got one. Mostly I did it because I never answered the house phone, and it drove my best friend crazy.

I don't use my phone all that much now, but I fully admit that I feel slightly emptier inside when I don't have it with me. And it really does make life more convenient in many ways.

But someone PLEASE explain to me how convenience translated into it being acceptable for people to talk on their cell phones in public restrooms. Or any bathroom truth be told. If nature's calling, you should not be trying to have two phone conversations at once!

I was in a restaurant bathroom a month or so ago, and the woman in the next stall was talking real estate on the phone to a client while she did her thing. I guess she wanted to take care of all her business at once. WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?!?!?

When I was in college I worked at the campus library for three years. It being a library, no cell phones were allowed except in the stairwells. I can't vouch for the guys, but many a girl found the most convenient door to slip through when her phone rang was the one with the little stick figure in a dress on it.

So on the plus side there, they weren't trying to multi-task, but it made it very awkward for those in there for more obvious reasons. I'm sorry but I don't think Suzie Q should allow her boyfriend, Jim Bob, to listen in.

Honestly, the whole situation brings out the minx in me every single time. Without being crass, let's just say that it makes me want to make every single step of the bathroom process as loud as I possibly can. An audience deserves a performance right?

Besides, it's either that or jump out of the stall, snatch the phone and flush it.
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Author: Autumn
•9/15/2008 01:35:00 AM
I am prone to unconventional crushes. I think I always have been, but I just pieced it all together tonight. I don't know why, but it appears I am not capable of having a normal crush. I can't really remember any. I do have a few specific examples of the strange ones though.

I blogged about one of them before. Some of you may vaguely remember my vocal soul mate: James Barbour. I had a crush just on the man's voice. I still really really do. Chills! James is good looking, but I don't even care. His voice just ... sends me. Talking or singing - it makes no difference. I am in love with that man's vocals.

I am also prone to crushes that disregard time itself. I can think of a number of movie actors I have developed crushes on when they were in the height of their careers. Now they're all either much older or dead.

My biggest crush was always Donald O'Connor. He is probably most well known for Singin' in the Rain, in which he played Gene Kelly's best friend. That was in '50s. And I adored THAT Donald. He died five years ago when I was in college. My dad called and told me about it.

And now my latest and greatest crush. According to my friends, I have a girl crush. This is a new term to me, but I guess it applies. I think it means I still like men, but I have a non-romantic crush on another female. This is very much the case now.

Ingrid Michaelson.

One of my best friends is a fan of hers. She has been introducing me to her music over the past couple of months, which I have liked a lot. Then Saturday night pushed me over the edge. Ingrid did a concert at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, and I went with said friend and my roommate.

And holy hell! I was blown away. Aside from being ridiculously talented, she is so down to earth and just plain hilarious. There was an improv rap, a little Vanilla Ice, a little Fresh Prince and more.

We even waited in line after the show to meet her, which is something I've never done. She is the first "famous" person I've met. Now I'm back home with a more intense love of her music and a fresh little girl crush.

So there you go. So far I've managed to avoid anything truly bizarre. I have no crushes on animals or inanimate objects, at least that I can remember. But who knows what little twist I'll put on my next crush. For now, I'm sticking with Ingrid.
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