Author: Autumn
•2/11/2009 12:35:00 PM
1. I am obsessed with alphabetizing things. Give me a list, a pile of books or CDs or whatever and I will gleefully go to town.
2. I really do love the Twilight series and greatly admire Stephenie Meyer, but if I hadn't started reading them before they became such a cult phenomenon, I doubt I would ever read them.
3. I am a copycat shopper. I have to see things on other people to like them, especially with shoes and purses. I can walk right past a purse on a rack that I will LOVE when I see it on someone's shoulder.
4. I've loved potatoes since I was a kid, and my dad always told me I should marry an Idaho potato farmer when I grew up. Then I ended up going to college in Idaho.
5. Ever since I took a Children's Literature class in college, I've read just as much YA literature as adult, if not more.
6. I love grammar and editing and all that. And while I know what's right and wrong, I can't explain the rules at all. I know when to use who and when to use whom, but couldn't give you the technical jargon behind it to save my life. By technical jargon I mean an explanation involving words like subject and object.
7. I have not been paying attention to my grammar as I have written this, so nobody else is allowed to either.
8. I always say I like guys who are a bit bigger, but when it comes to immediate attraction, I always tend to like bean poles. Why is that?
9. I am the biggest klutz ever, and lack grace in any form. I can't go an hour without bumping into something or knocking something over.
1o. I am currently hooked on crab rangoon. I still enjoy the rest of my Chinese food, but it's now my favorite part.
11. I sing all the time. But I HATE performing. And the one place I never sing is in the shower.
12. I am completely obsessed with Broadway musicals. I love discovering new ones. And my personal idea of heaven is night after night of Broadway shows, with the original cast members of course.
13. I often feel I was born in the wrong decade because all my favorite movies and actors are from the '40s and '50s. Most of my leading men are now dead.
14. I love laughter and I never feel better than when I've made someone else laugh.
15. I don't know if I will ever get married, but if I do I plan on keeping my own name. I love it and have no desire to ever part with it.
16. The fact that people my age are having kids, plural, really freaks me out because I am at such a different place in my life.
17. I have never worn make-up and doubt I ever will. People always pull out crap like I don't need it, but there's no way I'm the only "natural beauty" out there. Honestly, I'm just lazy and past the point where I'm willing to learn.
18. I have no desire to ever have kids of my own. I wish my nieces and nephews lived closer so I could get to know them and be a decent aunt, but that's it.
19. I love it when old people are still in love with each other. It melts me like nothing else. I either want to get married in my 30s or wait until I'm a senior citizen.
20. I truly hate PDA. Anything beyond hand holding and quick pecks in public really irks me.
21. When I watch TV or movies, I yell at guys who are crying to suck it up. It bugs me.
22. I don't chew gum and am turned off by anyone who does; it grosses me out. I especially hate when people chew it likes cows or when receptionists and servers, etc. chew it while working.
23. I tend to be either loud bordering on obnoxious or really really quiet. There isn't really a middle ground.
24. I love books and anything related to them. I think they are beautiful, and have to admit that I often do pick out books based on their covers.
25. I have two people I consider my best friends. One is on the east coast, one is on the west coast. I am stuck in the middle.
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On February 17, 2009 at 6:20 PM , Anonymous said...

Ha, very funny...I do realize I'm the only one on the face of the earth to not have facebook/blogs or something similar...Maybe I just like the simple life! :-) Just kidding, I need to board the bandwagon, before it runs me over. You shouldn't be stuck in the middle of friends, that is not fun. Love you "Hot"umn.