Author: Autumn
•2/06/2009 03:45:00 PM
So last week I got some bad news: My restaurant is closing.

I had heard rumors for a few days, but having it confirmed still hit me a lot harder than I was expecting it to. I am pretty upset about this.

I have been working for Chili's for nearly two years now. I started at a franchise location in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in April 2007. Then when I moved to Omaha that December I got hired on at a Brinker (the main company) location here in Omaha. Then I moved to Pennsylvania this past summer and transferred to the one in Hanover. Then I transferred back to the same Omaha one in December.

I've had quite a history there. And I know it's just Chili's, they are one among many in their genre, but I have truly enjoyed working there. And Brinker really is a decent company that makes a real effort to give back. (Oh and the one in the photo is actually the location in Idaho Falls where I started.)

Now I guess I should clarify that the company itself isn't going under; Brinker is just closing about 30 of its locations nation wide. Nobody can fully escape the current economic situation. There is one other location in Omaha and one in La Vista that is fairly close too. Right now our managers are trying to get as many of us transferred as they can, but a lot of people want to and each store can only take on so many.

So I am still in limbo waiting to hear my fate. I have a few ideas about what I will do if I can't get a transfer, but I still feel sad. I haven't worked at another restaurant in so long. I know nearly all there is to know about Chili's and its menu. I know all the answers. I don't want to have to start over.

I guess I just have to wait and see whether or not my days as a Chili-head have come to an end.
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On February 6, 2009 at 4:30 PM , Katie said...

Oh, Autumn, I'm so sorry to hear that your Chili's is going out of business. I hope things work out for the best though. I know that if you get transferred to the other Chili's or if you find another job somewhere else, that you will be GREAT at whatever you decide to do... If you don't find something and want to write some articles, my husband was telling me earlier today that his company might have positions open for freelance writers that get paid per article... Let me know if I can do anything for you!

On February 7, 2009 at 5:36 PM , SEJL said...


You'll figure it all out, I have faith in you. I hope you get transfered, but I was thinking that if you don't you can finally fulfill that lifelong goal of your to star on Broadway. It's worth a shot, right? Please just don't do any shows with Sutton, I could never forgive you. :-)