Author: Autumn
•2/25/2009 03:42:00 PM
Everyone's been involved in some way, whether it be as the irritated captive of the car next to you or as the blasting offender. As warmer weather creeps our way and the windows start rolling down we know it's coming: Those people who feel the need to have whatever they're listening to in their cars heard within a nine-block radius.

And why does it always seem to be the obnoxious music that's blasted the loudest. Or my favorite is when they have so much bass in their car it vibrates the entire parking lot. LOVE IT. Short of throwing rocks at their cars, I have come up with a plan that falls into the "If you can't beat them join them" category.

Back story: Over the past few years my music tastes have gradually expanded to include more classical and opera. I am really starting to enjoy that kind of music, most especially when I am driving. And the first preset radio station in my car is now the classical station in Omaha. I was driving home today for instance listening to a CD soundtrack that had a few beautiful opera excerpts from the likes of La Traviata and La Boheme.

Now, today has been a beautiful day. I exited the house in short sleeves and flip flops, and I am loving it. And so I found myself driving around Omaha with the windows down, listening to the aforementioned CD at a nice, comfortable volume. That is when it hit me.

This summer I am going to be that girl. The odd one who is blaring opera from her car all summer as a counter measure to all the rap and heavy metal. I'll be pitting Puccini against Lil' (insert name here). And me thinks Puccini and friends are going to win. Well, at least in my little world.
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On February 28, 2009 at 4:52 PM , Season said...

A noble resolution, indeed. I wish you luck as you take on the world one opera song at a time.