Author: Autumn
•4/21/2011 07:25:00 PM
  • TWO WEEKS until I am back East with my EEB. I. Can. Not. Wait.
  •  While I am in PA with my EEB, we are taking a day trip to Washington D.C. I just found out that the ONE DAY I will be there coincides with when my grandfather will be there. He lives in Los Angeles, and I have not seen him for over a year. I still have to work out details with him, but best timing ever!
  • Monday night pizza tradition with my mom - lots of pineapple, so delicious
  • Season 4 of 30 Rock on DVD from Target for $15
  • The 30 Rock marathon I have embarked on, even before I found that DVD, ignoring the movies I have checked out from the library that are due back soon.
  • I talked with my other best friend (I am fortunate enough to have two) for well over an hour this weekend, and we are planning a get together this fall. Somewhere.
  • One of my two classes is over, so now I only have one to worry about for the next two weeks.
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