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•4/06/2011 10:33:00 PM
My first gif (thanks to Christina). I hope it's not too annoying.
We all know by now that my idea of the best in live entertainment will always be live musical theater. I do enjoy regular theater too, but I prefer to have the singing. I don't go to many music concerts. I've seen Ingrid Michaelson live three times with my EEB, and other random things here and there.

So instead I will mention some of my performance pet peeves. This has been on my mind anyway because I saw several of them in action at performances last week.
  • Coming in late, getting up during a performance and generally moving when you should be sitting.
  • Talking during the show and whispering "What?" really loudly when you don't catch something.
  • Cell phones - we get reminded to turn them off before every show. And invariably someone's always goes off about 20 minutes in. And then they never shut it off immediately, but just let it ring. At Next to Normal a couple weeks ago with Becky this woman near us answered her phone, and thought covering it with her jacket was good enough. IT WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Being tall - There isn't much you can do about this one, but stop it already with the good posture!
  • Leaving early- I witnessed this in full force last week when I saw the national tour of Young Frankenstein with my dad. It REALLY bugs me. A LOT. I mean, the entire cast just gave you their all for two plus hours, not to mention the time they put in beforehand. So sit your ass back in your chair and give them the 5 minutes worth of applause that is the least they deserve. Come on!
  • Standing ovations - I am going to try to not get carried away now. Standing ovations are supposed to be special. You are already telling the cast you thought they did well by clapping. But I think most people just assume they should stand at the end of every show. This diminishes the honor of a standing ovation. I give them when well deserved for a great show or outstanding performance. I hate when everyone stands at the end of a good show. The worst part is when I can't see because everyone else is on their feet, so I become an involuntary part of the ovation. Drives me nuts.
It's common courtesy and respect. Thus endeth my ranting. That wasn't too long right?
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    On April 7, 2011 at 12:36 PM , Becky Jean said...

    I'd forgotten about that woman. I mean really. No answering your freaking phone. Having it on is bad enough!!

    On April 7, 2011 at 3:56 PM , Nicola Balkind said...

    Sounds like you're as strict about audience behaviour at the theatre as I am about it at the cinema.

    One of the big UK film critics and his co-host put together these rules (hope this video works in the US!):